One Use Case

Fully licensed LPG manifold using Edgware's sensors:

  • Commissioned and installed circa. 2010

  • Max capacity: 2x 300kg cylinder banks (~1,200 liters of LPG)

  • Digitized on 30 Dec 2019 with 13 sensor endpoints set up

  • An image is a collection of unstructured information which is readily human read-able but not so for a machine

  • Computer Vision algorithms seek to automate tasks that the human visual system can do intuitively (i.e. data acquisition)

    Images are processed to extract features, analyze and infer without explicit programming

Note: Changeover indicators are not of Edgware's proprietary designs

About Edgware Technology

Edgware Technology (“Edgware”) is focused on the commercial LPG space for now. Other use cases are being considered and or in various stages of development and or evaluation.

In collaboration with a Singapore based LPG distribution, a pilot/show site was commissioned and installed and has been in continuous operations since 1 Jan 2020

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