Edgware Technology (“Edgware”) is a startup focused on acquiring and parsing data from the edge with sensors (proprietary or otherwise), Computer Vision, Machine Learning algorithms. For now and strategic reasons not discussed, the 'Data as a Service' is focused on the commercial LPG space.

In collaboration with a Singapore based LPG distribution, a show site (proof of value) was commissioned and installed and has been in continuous operations since 1 Jan 2020.


In the 182 days of 2020, Edgware oversaw the supply and billing of 16 tons of LPG with zero supply outages despite the onerous circumstances of a Covid 19 lockdown. Operationally, this distributor was able to uphold its ISO9001 objectives with significantly lesser touch points.

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Fully licensed LPG manifold using Edgware's sensors:

  • Commissioned and installed circa. 2010 with S$2m public liability cover

  • Max capacity: 2x 300kg cylinder banks (~1,200 liters of LPG)

  • Digitized on 30 Dec 2019 with 13 endpoints parsed:

    • Parsing of 'dumb' meters is offered as part of a holistic service for SG only

Typical 7 calendar days stretch

Operational optimization through digitization and data integration (based on SG Showsite experience)

  • Significant reduction of touch points with end users whilst maintaining service levels

  • Event driven cylinder refresh instead of time driven 'check and refresh'
    => Uninterruptible LPG supply with optimized logistics

  • Cashless payment if integrated with a suitable payment gateway

More applications possible when integrated with other upstream stakeholders

Note: Meter parsing is offered as part of a holistic service for selected markets



Use Case

  • Average error squared of 0.004 for n=~15,000 under field conditions

  • Foundation for cylinder bank changeover detection bot

  • Machine learning models applied in post processing for quality assurance

About the service offering

Edgware's DaaS is offered on a 'per end point' basis; Pricing, which includes a S$2m (~US$1.5m) public liability cover and separate 'Zero Outage' service guarantee to the ultimate end user(s), is highly dependent on scale of deployment. A proof of value arrangement can be organized.

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